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Review: Teen Wolf 3×22 – I don’t know what to do with myself???!!!

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After much fist clenching and heart palpitations on my behalf, the latest Teen Wolf episode ended with yet another cliffhanger (good job, MTV – my fangirl heart can totally take it). The nogitsune story arc is still going strong, which is a relief ever since it dipped to a terrible low with the Echo House episode (but more on that later, perhaps). At this point, I’m pretty much sick with myself exclaiming “omg dylan o brien is such a good actor omg”, or “omg teen wolf you dont just do this to me”. But enough of this incoherent babbling – let me take you through a play-by-play of the episode according to yours truly:



Okay, so it started off with pretty bad dialogue. But at least it gets better.



This moob-grabbing’s for the Sterek shipppers. I don’t think they’ll become canon anytime soon at this rate. Not that I ship them.



BAM – what did I say about it getting better?!



I really think they need to make a new intro soon. Stiles simply isn’t just the Jeep boy anymore…






Alright, I’m guilty of bursting into fits of giggles here. A tad cheesy, but I must admit, my sweet-o-meter was beeping (which it rarely does).









Wellllllllll is that 50 Shades of Grey gone wrong or what



A+ acting


Still A+ acting


100% guilty of cliches. But hey, at least he acknowledges that. #somethingwitty


Holland Roden deserves an award for being to run in an itsy-bitsy dress and heels. Seriously though.


Is someone gonna help him pull that out or what but wait what if that’s his guts/tongue omg dont die no

Anddddd that’s a wrap! Excuse me for the obvious decline in effort. This blog post was a lot more awesome/funny envisioned in my head.




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