There's rosemary – that's for remembrance

I don’t a reason to return to my own blog, dammit.

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That’s right. I’ve been gone for a while now, but who’s going to question me, huh?

Now that we’ve established that line of defensive badassery, let’s get to the reason why I’m back…

I went through my old blog earlier this evening, and I must admit, it’s all rather cringeworthy but mildly entertaining, to say the least. But that’s not the point — the point is, reading my old blog again came with a deluge of nostalgia and a reminded me of what I wanted to do in life, who I wanted to become… I didn’t get teary reading it or anything, but it was a rather fond experience.

So. I’m going to continue blogging about whatever that picks my fancy, no matter how mundane it may be for you to read, because I realise I’ve been over-thinking this blogging thing way too much. As women responding to condesending mansplaining would say: I’m doing this for me, not you.

Current status: having my head smacked over by my Civil Procedure books and Blackstones.


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