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Working out life at work

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Dear Reader,

Now, I know what you’re about to say: but Maxine, you don’t have anymore readers – the last time you updated was years ago (and also, you use too many pretentious punctuations)!

Well, I’m feeling fancy tonight and ergo I shall use punctuations to my heart’s content!

Point is, I’ve started working full-time in my hometown. I was a little apprehensive about this whole “moving-back-to-a-small-town” thing, but once I started work, I warmed up to the idea. Work has been good, my colleagues have been welcoming and I’m not overworked or worse, underworked. It’s going surprisingly swell that I’m afraid I might pull a classic socially awkward move and be sent packing. It’s something that has been pecking at the back of my mind each day, as I fumble over a question or miss out on a detail.

While I’m at it, here are some tips for appropriate behaviour at work:

– don’t panic whenever someone speaks to you in a language that you’re entirely not fluent at. Try your best to meet in the middle. Whenever this happens, I forget that I’ve graduated from a world-class university and transform into a blubbering mess of incoherence instead. 

– whenever someone calls, let  them say goodbye and hang up before you do. 

– you won’t always know the answers and of course, no one should expect you to. But always offer to assist instead of sounding like a broken record muttering “I don’t know”.

– TAKE YO TIME. You might be feeling like you’re not doing something quick enough, or that you’re spending too much time mulling over something, or being afraid that you’re just wasting the other person’s time. You are there for a reason – you’ve been invited to assist, so own your space and take ownership of that time. 

Each day, I reflect on all the things I could’ve done better and the things I shouldn’t have said or done. Is this how the rest of my life is going to be?


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