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(Almost) Salmon Teriyaki

A few weeks ago, I volunteered to cook for the guest dinner at my hall. My friend and I wanted to showcase what a typical Malaysian-Chinese dinner was like, as well as cook some of our favourite dishes we have missed (because the kitchen is off-limits on other days). The original plan was to cook steamed cod fish, but lo and behold: with a budget of GBP40 to cover 3 dishes for 10 pax, cod fillets were prohibitively expensive. I decided to improvise with salmon, which seems to be available in abundance cheaply in the UK (an odd concept, for someone from Asia like me).


I’ll admit – I have never cooked with salmon before. I took the risk anyway and¬†experimented. Much to my delight (and that of my guests) my recipe worked!

Oyster sauce
Dark soy sauce
Light soy sauce
Sesame oil
Salmon fillet (duh)

I stirred in the sauces with a ratio of 2:2:1 (oyster:light:dark) and added a dash of sesame oil to the mix. Dark soy sauce can be rather strong and overwhelming, so I thought it better to use less of it. Then, slather the salmon fillet generously with the sauce mix and put to grill on a pan with diced garlic. To know when to stop cooking, poke the fish around and see if the flesh still looks raw. I realise that I’m a terrible recipe writer, because I never take notice of the exact timing and measurement of ingredients. I very nearly forgot to take photos of the cooked product too.

The end product could pass off as teriyaki, if:
a) you’re not Japanese
b) you’re not completely familiar with Japanese food

The flavour was one that was so familiar to me, it’s almost hard to describe. It’s mildly sweet and salty, with a charred taste to it. Not quite rocket culinary science, but worth trying out again in the home.