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Little Venice

If the name beckons to you the bright rays of sunlight and the salty air of the Mediterranean variety, you’re in for a surprise. Tucked away at the edge of central London, Little Venice is Britain’s take on a canal and houseboats lining the decks on each side. Even after just a few minutes of sauntering around on the platforms, one can’t help but notice that Little Venice should more aptly be known as Little Holland. Now, I’ll admit that I’ve not set foot within the borders of Italy, but with the British skies stretched above in a bright blue hue, there’s no mistaking the charming waters for a miniature Venetia. Couple that with the bitterly cold English winds, Little Vence is more reminiscent of Amsterdam’s canals.

 IMG_3187 IMG_3192 IMG_3194 IMG_3197

By all means, the trip to Maida Vale was not a complete waste of a journey; the setting certainly had its own picturesque appeal. Sadly, there really is nothing much else to do but snap shots after shots of the scenery that Little Venice has to offer. There are some restaurant houseboats manned along the canal, but I hardly took a peek at their menus. A walk around the surrounding areas revealed that the neighbourhood was not quite student-budget-friendly.


Verdict: If you’ve got time on your hands and feel the need to get away from central’s buzz, head over to Warwick Avenue for this tranquil outdoors.


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Trivia: Bride and Prejudice was filmed here.